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He then passed on this priceless inheritance to his son Shri Shukadeva who related to King Parikshit who had been cursed with death by the son of the Brahmin. This katha has its significance in awarding liberation to te huan soul when the seeker follows the discipline of listening to this wonderful scripture for seven days. It brings out the importance of the chanting of the Lord’s name in this age (kalyug). Naam Sankirtanam yasya sarv paap pranashanam..” The Kiran Maharaj Bhagvat Katha is described as the “Kalpataru” which is capable of giving us any fruit we desire.


It is also the “Bhavaushadya” the medicine that will cure us of our worldy diseases, of greed attachment, anger & pride, and the “Rasayan” which will strengthen the immunity of our soul and prevent us from contracting faults. Bhaiashri is the master of thisdiving narration and has been honoured with various awards for his proficiency in the knowledge and his devotion andlove for Lord Shri Krishna, which adds a special flavour t the katha. Kiran Joshil’s sankirtan stirs the devotees to the climad in their devotional feelings and moves them to tears and his practical anecdotes have them braking into laughter. The Kiran Joshi katha with Pujya Kiran Joshi is an experience so unique and beautiful that it leaves the listeners fulfilled and yet thirsting for more. He has been responsible for bringing forth the enormous significance of the ancient text in this contemporary age.

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